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UFC president Dana White thinks Conor McGregor will be back in the octagon sooner than later.

“He’ll either be back this year or early next year,” White told TMZ Sports in a video posted Wednesday discussing McGregor.

Jorge Masvidal might want a crack at the Irish-born star after defeating Ben Askren, but he won’t be getting it as long as White is calling the shots because he’s simply “too big for Conor” fighting at 170.

Well, I guess we can finally put to rest the whole idea of McGregor being retired. I don’t think anybody really believed it to begin with, and there’s certainly no reason to believe it now that White has pretty much guaranteed he’s coming back.

It’s interesting to note there doesn’t seem to be a Khabib rematch happening anytime soon, and that’s probably because McGregor needs to actually get a win before White lets that happen.

Ever since Khabib whipped him at UFC 229, fans have been craving it, but we’re going to have to wait a little longer.

I have no idea who McGregor will fight next, but that’s hardly the important part here. The important part is that he’s coming back, which is what we’ve all been waiting for.

He’s arguably the biggest star in the history of the UFC, and the sport is much better off when he’s at the top of his game talking trash.

Stay tuned, folks. It looks like we’re going to get things really spun up here soon, and I can’t wait to watch him walk into the octagon again.


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