Image result for Joshua seeking for passion ahead of Ruiz jr rematch
Anthony Joshua experienced his first career defeat in a match against Andy Ruiz Jr.

Anthony Joshua said he’s working on getting his boxing passion back ahead of his rematch against Andy Ruiz jr later this year.

Joshua was the holder of WBA, IBF and WBO world titles, before losing everything to Andy Ruiz jr in a match in the United States on 1st of June.

The match made the British heavyweights underwent his first professional career defeat, he vowed to prove to everyone that it was a one-off.

Joshua said in an interview with Sky Sports that he feels strong enough and he can correct all his mistakes.

He added: “I want to be around as many boxing people as possible because right now I oblige to soak in the skill and knowledge – and take that passion back.”

Joshua first match against Ruiz jr was at Madison Square Garden in New York and it was his first fight in the United States.

Anthony Joshua promoter wants the rematch in Cardiff at the Principality Stadium, but Andy Ruiz jr had insisted on not fighting in the UK.

Joshua said he does not matter to him wherever the match is going to take place, but I’m working for it to be in the UK because it’s my stomping territory.

He continues by saying: Stepping out in Cardiff in the presence of 70, 80, 90 thousand people yelling for you to win, that type of enthusiasm that goes into your body is unstoppable and I think that could give me a little bit of advantage that I need to win those belts.


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