Recent Derby d’Italia was the most-watched football match in the history of Sky Sports Italia, according to

An average of 3,242,759 viewers witnessed Juventus beat Inter 2-1 at the San Siro in the first Derby d’Italia of the season, with a peak of 4,563,058 total viewers.

Last weekend match was the most significant so far this season, with Antonio Conte’s Inter squandering their excellent unbeaten run in the league, enabling the Bianconeri to advance with a point ahead of them in the league standing.

An exciting derby display and an almost full house treated Serie A supporters to a record-breaking derby.

In recent occasions with both AC Milan and Inter Milan underperforming, we’ve examined the San Siro normally around half full or smaller for matches.

However, Sunday’s Derby d’Italia between Inter and Juventus nearly 80,000 people frequented Italy’s most prominent rivalry.

The Derby broke the record for ticket revenue sales at nearly €4 million (3,943,518 to be exact). 76.484 people attended the match, about 3,000 less than last years, but the average ticket price rose to about €51 each, according to Gianluca Di Marzio and Sky Sport 24.

The Clash also Breaks Record For Most Money Earnt From Ticket Sales.

Inter’s Clash Against Juventus Breaks Record For Most Money Earnt From Ticket Sales
San Siro stadium was at it’s peaked on Sunday during the D’Italia derby.

Sunday Derby d’Italia accumulated the most money ever from ticket vending in Italian football history, according to Milano based newspaper la Gazzetta Dello Sport.

Ticket sales for the match have acquired the Nerazzurri an excess amount of €6.5 million, over €700,000 more than the former record-holder, last season’s Milan derby. It also earnt over €500,000 more than the greatest ever amount of money derived from ticket sales in Italian football, €5.9 million for Inter’s Champions League match against Barcelona last season.

The game, which was witnessed by over 75,000 spectators, has earnt so much because of the increase in ticket prices and the fact that all the VIP seats have sold out. For the first time in the history of the Nerazzurri, all of the SkyBoxes have been sold out to companies in a season-long subscription as well, bestowing their confidence in Antonio Conte’s squad and their title challenge.

At the stadium, there were estimated to be spectators from over 100 different countries, with numerous of 20% higher of the tickets traded overseas. The game was broadcast in over 200 countries.


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