The unbeaten British heavyweight Tyson Fury is maintaining his charm offensive in the United States following September’s points win over Otto Wallin in Las Vegas.

On Monday night ‘The Gypsy King‘ emerged on WWE Raw in California to continue his “beef” with Braun Strowman – known as “The Monster Among Men” – and sparked a tremendousness brawl” in the long-running sporting soap opera.

They faced each other in the ring before a “heated exchange” ended after the pair being separated by the security. But their storyline scuffle recapitulated, with Strowman’s fellow wrestlers ought to step into the ring to split them up in perfect sports entertainment method.

The “bad blood” among the pair originates from a storyline which started at Friday’s SmackDown event.

Fury sat front row with his family and “took exemption” when Strowman flung fellow wrestler Dolph Ziggler falling towards him.

Lineal heavyweight champion Fury is set to face WBC champion Wilder in a rematch in February but is currently inadequate to train due to severe cuts he suffered against Wallin when he needed 47 stitches in order to get the face back to its normal look.

There are several reports lately connoting he could scuffle Strowman in a wrestling match in Saudi Arabia later this month.

And with his showman swagger and gift of the gab, 6ft 9in Fury views readymade to take the wrestling world by hurricane.

Below is the Tyson Fury and Braun Strowman scuffle:

Following his introduction to the US crowd, he said: “Last week I was here minding my own business, Braun tried to make me look like a fool. I wound up getting chucked out, so tonight I’m here to demand an apology.”

Strowman suddenly invaded the ring and hit back: “Look, man, I was messing around and trying to have a little fun with you last Friday on Smackdown. That is, until I saw the way you looked at me like you wanted a piece of this.”

“I don’t know if you heard, but when security was dragging your a*** out of the building I was shouting “let him go” because I promise you, the last thing you want is to get in my ring. You have no idea what I’m capable of. I will literally eat you for lunch.”

After some couples of verbal sparring, everything altered physical as Strowman lifted Fury into the corner before security rush into the ring to split the pair up.

Fury then dramatically blew nine men to jump on his rival again, launching ‘punches‘ at each of them, before the whole WWE locker-room emptied out to jump into the ring and calm things down. 

Again, Strowman and Fury frequently broke away from their restraints to kick things off again, with the Englishman eventually ending up topless and yelling for a fight with the Monster man among man.

With both men attaining an impressive 6″8, it was a conflict not many would have endeavoured to get in between.

Adam Scherr was at the peak of his strongman career in 2012 when he recorded a deadlift of 905 pounds and could squat 775 pounds. 6. To keep up with his gruelling daily routine, Strowman would absorb 12,000 calories a day and 1000+ grams of protein — including a daily visit to Burger King for a Triple Whopper Combo with Cheese.

The 36-year-old is the World’s Strongest Man who is 6′ 8″ 385 lbs and competed in and won the 2012 Arnold Amateur Strongman Championships. He has been in Pro Strongman competitions as well but hasn’t won.


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